Invite Conscious Society in Halal Food , FTP UB Holds Seminar

21 December 2016
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21 December 2016, Comments: 0

MALANGVOICE – Universitas Brawijaya realizes that one of the responsibilities of universities is to provide insight to the people to conscientiously consume a halal food.

Today, the Faculty of Food Technology (FTP UB) held a Halal Research Group Seminar on Qualified Industry Development (RG Hal-Q ID) themed “Synergy of Indonesian Halal Industry’s Competitiveness Development” in the 2nd floor of FTP UB.

Presenting competent speakers, including Deputy Director of LPPOM MUI Center, Ir Omena Gunawan, BPOM East Java, Dr Agus Singgih Prapto Apt, and Secretary of LPPOM MUI East Java Dr H Mochammad Khoirul Anwar SAg MEI.

Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Sucipto said, UB has always been actively highlighting the development of halal industry in Indonesia. The problem is, the development of halal industry in Indonesia is lagging far behind neighboring countries, Thailand and Malaysia.

“They understand very well that Indonesia is Muslim majority. Muslims in their country is also pretty fast, so they target Indonesia as a target of halal industry you know, “he said a few minutes ago.

Therefore, according to him, universities need to rush to catch up and invite the government to cooperate.

“Indeed, the halal certificate costs and the process is quite long. But what we emphasize is how do business actors can realize the importance of halal certification, so as difficult as any process they do not question it, “he concluded.

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