23 December 2016
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23 December 2016, Comments: 0

MALANGVOICE – The Chairman of Halal Qualified Industry Development Universitas Brawijaya, Dr. Sucipto said, in the future, the market of halal products will grow rapidly.

Currently, the growth of the halal market product  by 1.5 percent globally. Meanwhile, the Muslim population in the world today amounts to 16 percent of the total world population. In fact, in the next 10 or 20 years, grow to 23 or 30 percent. In Indonesia, Muslim population is the majority.

In contrast to other believers, the consumption of Muslims is limited by halal and haram. Therefore, according to him, it is very important for producers to ensure halal products, one with a certificate. Halal certified products will definitely sell well.

“Halal certificate is important as a guarantee that a drug product, food, and cosmetics and so on,” he said when met reporters.

He explained, this halal certification requires a halal guarantee system. This system will manage the product from raw materials to the consumer. The status of the halal also does not know the level or grade. For consumers, halal certification can calm them down.

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