Understanding the Authority of the Halal Product Guarantee Organizer

12 September 2017
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12 September 2017, Comments: 0

You may have heard of the Halal Product Guarantee Organizer (BPJPH). Well, what is BPJPH?, and what is the authority of this institution? This time we will review what is BPJPH. Under Law No. 33 of 2014 on Halal Product Guarantee, BPJPH is a body established by the Government to hold Halal Product Assurance (JPH) against a number of products consumed by the public.

This institution is aimed at providing comfort, safety, and certainty of halal product availability for the community in consuming and using the products and also increasing the added value for business actors to produce and sell halal products. Incoming, circulated and traded products in the territory of Indonesia shall be halal certified. The halal certificate is the acknowledgment of the halality of a Product issued by BPJPH based on a written halal fatwa issued by MUI.

The authority of BPJPH is as follows:

1. Formulate and set the JPH policy.

2. Establish norms, standards, procedures, and JPH criteria.

3. Issuing and revoking Halal Certificate and Halal Label on the Products.

4. Registration of Halal Certificate on the Overseas Products.

5. To socialize, educate and publicize Halal Products.

6. Accreditation of LPH.

7. Registration of Halal Auditor.

8. Monitoring the JPH.

9. Conducting Halal Auditor guidance.

10. Conducting cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions in the field of JPH implementation.

In exercising the authority, BPJPH cooperates with ministries and or related institutions LPH and MUI. BPJPH cooperation with MUI about Halal Auditor certification, determination of halal product and LPH accreditation.


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