UB Halal Researchers plant Halal Education in Primary School Students

14 November 2016
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14 November 2016, Comments: 0

Halal and Qualified Industry Development (HAL-Q ID) Universitas Brawijaya held halal education dissemination on Saturday, September 24, 2016 entitled Introduction of Halal and Haram Foods in early childhood using Sipupa media (Media Puppet Doll). Sipupa is a community engaged in the field of educational entertainment by using hand puppet media as a tool to channel an idea / idea / knowledge to small children. Activities opened by Research Group Leader Dr. Sucipto, STP, MP is held in the Hall of Islamic Education Institute Ar-Rahmah, Pesantren Hidayatullah Malang.

In this dissemination event, the questionnaires were filled out by the dissemination participants before and after the event, which was guided by one of the members of HAL-Q ID research group, Nur Khasanah, P.Si., M.Si. This aims to know the knowledge of the children before being educated by using media related to halal food and haram and post-education. With the hope that early education of early childhood education can help children to recognize which halal and haram products can be consumed.

Dissemination participants are very enthusiastic in this case, because the media used are hand puppet media from sipupa community that presents doll figures such as Owli, Igor, Piyo and Alfa. They are very happy, because this is the first for them to see the stage dolls with figures familiar to them. Their enthusiasm is intrigued when rabbis invite them to dance and sing along the so-called “Jingle Sipupa” atmosphere to be very happy.

“Halalan Thoyyiban is a halal food, halal food is food that is okay when we eat, while haram is a food that is forbidden to eat, so halal and haram is the opposite yes friends. Halal food is food that is not unclean and slaughtered by mentioning the name of Allah SWT. In addition to the explanation of the story puppet puppets also provide an understanding of halal and haram food through the logo of halal and haram. The logo is expected to increase the understanding of children in choosing halal and haram food by looking at the logo on the food they buy.

In the presentation when closing the event, Chairman of Research Group, Dr.Sucipto, STP, MP said, “So younger brother all if buying food and drink we should see the packaging first yes. We make sure that in the packaging contain Halal Logo, so that when we consume halal food and drink our body becomes healthy and we avoid sin and disease, Remember there is a saying “Men Sana In Corpore Sano” which means that in a healthy body there is a strong soul  “Thank you for the elementary school elementary Ar-Rahmah who has pleased to be a place for dissemination of halal education. The hope of this dissemination can provide benefits for all of us, “he said in front of about 100 participants dissemination in the Elementary Hall of Ar-Rahmah, Malang. The event ended with a plaque handover activity to the school and a friendly event with the school at Ar-Rahmah Elementary School.

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