12 September 2017
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12 September 2017, Comments: 0

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Rector officially opened a new building from Cafetaria Creative Land UB. The opening ceremony of the new building from the cooperation between Universitas Brawijaya and Bank BNI Syariah itself was conducted right in front of Cafetaria Creative Land (CL UB) building and also attended by the President Director of BNI Syariah Abdullah Firman Wibowo along with the rectorate of Universitas Brawijaya.

Cafetaria Creativeland UB Puts the Principle of Toyyiban Halalan Principles

In his speech, Prof. Bisri admitted that he was grateful and it is an honor for UB to be able to cooperate with Bank BNI Syariah in the development of Cafetaria Creative Land . According to the concept of Cafetaria Creative Land UB highly promote the concept of Halalan Toyyiban. Where products or goods sold in Creative Land UB canteen must be halal.

“We believe that if the merchandise product is halal, then people who consume it will behave in a halal manner as well, and of course the output is that all consumers can issue ideas and halal policies later on,” he said.


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